On of our goals is to Promote recovery within our center and to engage in wellness activities to empower the individual. We encourage our participants through one-on0one engagement; groups; workshops; and building self-confidence to advocate for themselves and others.




Wellness and Recovery is rooted in the principle of self-determination and persistence. To help build from that opportunity and continue investing in themselves, we assist in finding resources and training based on that foundation.  

Our Services

On OurOwn of HowardCounty,Inc.

Anti-Stigma Promotion

Is to Provide peer support, advocacy, education and social connectedness to persons with Behavioral health conditions in any form. we seek to empower individuals to be active participants in thEIr personal recovery. 

We fight in the battle against stigma for people with behavioral health challenges. Providing a place to educate all participants within or connected to the mental health and substances abuse communities including family members and providers.