Center Rules of Behavior

  1. No Drugs, Drug Paraphernalia, alcohol, weapons of any kind are allowed on Center Property. The Center reserves the right to ask any member, visitor, or active participant to leave the premises if they are suspected to be under the influence of any substance that is not limited  to prescribed medication. We also reserve the right to ask you to consult with your Doctor or Therapist, if you are taking medication that may cause you to be drowsy.
  2. No soliciting of any kind, no panhandling in the Center or begging in the vicinity of the Center.
  3. Smoking is allowed only in designated areas around center and business complex only. No Smoking in front of the Center. THis goes for Staff, visitors and members.
  4. No verbal or physical of staff, members, visitors, and active participants.
  5. No yelling.
  6. No destruction of property.
  7. No eating in the television, stereo, computer, or exercise areas. 
  8. The television and electronic device connected to TV are to be controlled & operated by staff only, unless directed by staff.
  9. All visitors, members and active participants must clean up after themselves when using the center supplies, after eating snacks, lunch, brunch, or breakfast.  
  10. ​No threats or harassment of members, visitors, active participants, or staff will be tolerated: to do so will result in indefinite suspension from the center.
  11. Members, visitors, and active participants will be exited immediately for sexual harassment, charges may be filed. This includes: touching, blowing kisses, asking for a date or any other forms of harassment without prior permission from the members, visitors, active participants, or staff.
  12. All belonging and personal property left in the center temporarily are not the responsibility of the Center. You will be leaving it at your own risk the center is not responsible for loss property.
  13. Shirt and shoes must be worn at all times.
  14. Members, Visitors and active participants must maintain personal hygiene. This means if you are suspected by the staff of needing to address a hygiene issue we ask that you follow this rule. THis will be done so in confidential manner. If you refuse you will be asked to leave the Center until you do so. This helps to maintain the health and safety of our center.
  15. Children are not allowed to wander through the center. Children must be supervised at all times by the adult they came with. 
  16. Telephone use is limited to 10 minutes. You must get permission from staff before using the phone. There is a 15 minute wait between calls.
  17. Computer use is limited to 30 minutes unless directed by staff. Please adhere to all computer rules usage. Not doing so will result in having your computer use suspended.
  18. NO calls to 911, 411, or 311. Incase of an emergency, consult a staff person. All emergency calls are to be directed to staff on duty.
  19. Stealing will result in being indefinitely suspended from the center.
  20. If you are asked to leave the center and you refuse, 911 will be called to have you removed. You will not be able to enter the center for 30 days or more.

All staff will make these Guidelines for Safety, accessible and understandable to each member, visitor and active participant. 

On Our Own of Howard County, Inc.